I play on the PS4 and with the season pass
The first 5 in this list are game breaking and need to be addressed imidiateley

  1. When moving the camera over a trailer it forces the camera up high (normaly happens when loaded) I experienced this with metal planks

  2. The high roller vehicle ( Khan 39 Marshall) rolls over there is a weird clipping glitch that happens and the car seems to start wriggling and constantly colliding with the floor

  3. When loading cargo onto a trailer with a Crain it just falls through if not then it will when the trailer is attached to something and also other vehicles can sometimes drive through the trailers and cars

  4. Lights seem to light things up good but if looked at they appear off even if lighting

  5. Wheels don’t work . I use a Logitech g29 PS4 wheel with gear stick and pedals add on (all add ons require the wheel as they add on to the wheel ) AND THE WHEEL DOSENT WORK!!!!

6.There is no rain on any of the windows or windscreen when it rains nor does the windscreen wipers actualy activate

7.Mirrors don’t work they just sorta blur

8.sometimes the horn animation plays and there’s no sound and vis versa


-Add a green dot for trailers attachment points to know when you can attach to them

  • please overhaul the horn animation and the way they work it looks so wired, unrealistic and barely works

  • water splashes and looks good also the same with mud and snow

  • one small thing WHEEL SUPPORT (and gear stick and pedals support)