Caterpillar CT680 Rear Suspension animation issue PTS 12.2

Caterpillar CT680 has his suspension animation working incorrectly on the rear axles.
It act like an independent wheel suspension and not a rigid axle.

catct680 susppension.jpg
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.05.25 -

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The test server players dont seem to be many... the day before yesterday... or yesterday, cant remember, i have seen both these players ... in the same game 🙂 And also you raphael.
And just 20 minutes ago i see you again fight with the tatarin in your dan truck doing the pacifist quest, i was the guy in the red/yellow 4380 that came by for the quest trialer that is parked there.(my steam nickname was taken on epic so i have different one)

Especially at night there are hardy any people in the test server multiplayer, pretty sad.

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Been a problem since day one with that truck

Rear suspension is still broken in PTS 12.1

Still not fixed in PTS 12.2