No save folder

I started a new game played for an hour left the game then when I went back there was no save! Then when I looked in documents on my pc there's no folder for the test version only the original snow runner folder. I tried to copy my original game folder but as soon as I start the test version it deleted it?

I don't know if you tried what has been compiled in the sticky in the troubleshooting section if not you sould take a look, but in any case make sure you authorized Snowrunner in your firewall/Av rule.

One thing you can check while in game, at some point you will see the saving icon appear on the right side of your screen, after that alt+tab and look If a "SnowRunnerBeta" folder is created or not in "My Games" folder and if it is populated.

If it is empty, something is preventing to write in that folder either the firewall/antivirus, cloud saving, special rule on folder, or there is an issue with game istself who fail to produce the file.

@Raphael after the last update the folder has appeared and now the saves work, thanks for your help.