Sightings of anything that trickled down from Le What’s Next

I am looking for anything, like early reviews, comments, pics, etc I have missed! I just saw a few tweets with a screen capture. Anything new?

A new tweet today showing Spider’s CEO talking about Greedfall:

The follow-up tweet promises press-articles next week!

Can’t wait!

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Will they show the gameplay too ?

The preview embargo ends tomorrow from what I've heard so we should be getting some good information then.

I could find a short Russian article fromВпечатления+от+презентации+на+Le+Whats+Next+de+FOCUS

For those not fluent in suka blyat, here's quick amateur translation (neither Russian nor English is my native language):
One guy was there at Le What’s Next de Focus.

Game takes place in 17th century with added fantasy races, monsters and magic. A new island is found, there is a conflict of civilizations and you're in the middle of it.

He couldn't play the game themselves but got to see a short demo played by developers. The game looks good despite wooden animations and "too clean picture?". Not sure what he meant by that. It looks even better out in the open and reminds him of Dragon Age: Inquisition at max settings.

There is no seamless open world, it is split in ten zones with large freedom of exploration and various hubs, like the city seen in the first cutscene. A girl with tattoos that looks like an elf asks for help for her mother, queen of their tribe, and you are in charge of negotiations. A small group with you as the leader goes to the forest location of the tribe and learns the queen didn't wait for you and went ahead to wage a war on colonizers. You are tasked to urgently chase them.

Devs show big half-ent guards, they will be kill-able although not at that point of story. Devs kill a few animals and say you will need to hunt a lot and loot corpses to gain access to crafting. They get to a split path, they could take the easy road and risk being late to the fight, or take the short, dangerous road.

Devs take the difficult route and immediately run into bandits. The fight looks strange, he mentions again wooden animations for both fencing and shooting pistols. He mentions often repeated animations and every fighter using kick to the stomach with knock back, which looks comical.

The heroes make it to the final fight but the queen is already dead. Devs tell that by taking the long route they would have been even more late and only find corpses. The questgiver elf girl goes into rage, summoning plant tentacle with earth magic, killing a soldier pleading for mercy. You get the choices to encourage her, prevent her from finishing it, or ignore it. Apparently it will have consequences.

Devs mention it's an alpha build and promise to show inventory system and loot at a later date. Lots of endings are mentioned and relations with different factions, you can try to be friendly to all of them or wipe some of them out completely.

The good: game design, animations in cut scenes, nice looking spell effects, pretty world.
The bad: wooden face and combat animations mentioned again, he mentions he is surprised combat was not ported from Bound by Flame where it looked decent. He hopes it's alpha version problems that will be fixed on release.

Final verdict, he thinks it's not good enough for a pre-order at this stage, interesting setting and pretty picture not good enough, he will wait to see a demo of the final version.

There is also this preview in English that says similar things:

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Jehanne Rousseau is intereviewed here :

And here a little chat about GreedFall from Vidiots
Youtube Video

Cheers 😉

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Quickly glancing over, besides the usual stuff mentioned everywhere else:
5 companions, manual loadouts for them, over 100 skills including science, exploration, and social categories.

For comparison, Bound By Flame had 5 companions, Technomancer (not countying the 2 temporary ones) also had 5 companions. At least Spiders is consistent on that front, I guess.

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Five companions is more than enough for me since I usually only end up using 2 or 3 depending on what game it is.

@red-leader Lol, same here. There's usually one or two that I take a special liking to and they'll be with me most of the time.

A video on greedfall with a few seconds of gameplay in the background 🙂 >

I don't know what I'm more happy about, that fetch quests aren't a thing or that side quests can affect each other.