Re: Deluge Truck Selection Glitch
just to whom it may concern:
glitch on map deluge
system: xbox one
mode: casual

I recently started mudrunner on xbox one and played it through til today on casual gaming mode and can hereby confirm that the glitch stays on.
In casual mode I seized the chance and chose a different truck apart from the default recommended one for the map deluge.
I ended up with only 3 points for the repair station instead of required 4.
because the freely chosen truck did not have the required backpack (only one oint instead of 2)
-no use uncovering the whole map
-no other truck uncovered on the map that would bring in the missing point... 😞
I even brought the two repair station trailers to the repair station but:
these only bring 2 points each in hard core mode...

Workaround: finish the map map you are on, fully uncovered and get checked.
then start a new, ignore uncovering the map and only deliver the repair trucks to get 4 points.
In general:
Avoid chosing other tracks than the recommended ones before starting the map.

This only hits you hard as on deluge there is only ONE repair station at all. so if you do not manage to get the repair station to work all the rest is useless since you cannot even mount the right equipment to transport wood later on (!).

Too bad that this glitch happens especially on the very last map.
I tried really hard until I gave up on this one and finally found this forum post...

Other than that the game is fine for me and nicely challenging.
I will be playing on 😉