Please adjust controller sensitivity on Xbox One

I would like to request that the controller movement zones on the Xbox One be adjusted (or we be given the means to adjust it ourselves in the Options). I thought my controller was going bad, but a quick Google search showed me that I'm not the only one suffering from this problem: I cannot run Northwest, relative to the camera. (

I've noticed that in order to get your character to run, you have to move the left joystick 90% or more, actually nearly 100%, in a given direction. To get them to move at all, a joystick movement of something like 40-50% is required. This is far too much, on both counts. Upon barely moving the joystick, the character turns without walking. This is great! It allows environment manipulation without moving the character. But the joystick space allotted for "turn without moving" is far too large, as is the area allotted to "walk but don't run".

The fact that the running activation area is so small means that any mis-calibration of the controller leads to not being able to run in that direction - and since Xbox controllers cannot be calibrated on the console, it leaves the problem unsolvable.

Please adjust these settings and allow us to move our characters more easily. I just received this game as a belated birthday gift - and it's fun! But the fact that my character shifts to a walk every time my joystick moves through the upper-left quadrant is... highly distracting and immersion-breaking.

Thank you.

So, should I just assume that this will never be fixed, or...? It doesn't appear that Focus is even bothering to reply to these forums anymore, so I assume the game is getting the same treatment. That's unfortunate, it's a fun game, but I suppose not all companies can be winners.

Seems like games under the Focus name end up being rather buggy as a result, though. I had to start Kingdom Come: Deliverance over after playing for 60 hours because an NPC vital to one of the paid DLCs bugged out, meaning I couldn't access it. Again, unfortunate.

I realize Focus is just the publisher - but Focus, you need to get on your devs to fix their software. It's making you look bad.

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