Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The A-969!


The Valley is a brand new free DLC coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 13th. This first DLC will include brand new content for the game, with three new vehicles and a new map. Similar to Deluge in the base game, you will start outside of a garage, and will need to claim one for yourself.

In the lead-up to the release of The Valley, we have resurrected the Vehicle Presentation to tell you about the new vehicles being added to the game in the free DLC! This will also be a great place to ask questions about the vehicle specifically, how it handles, and the niche it fills.

Vehicle Description

The first cabriolet vehicle, the A-969 is a small scout vehicle about to travel quite quickly around maps, carrying utilities that make it able to support itself on long scouting missions.

Game Stats

The A-969 has a fuel capacity of 40L, features both all-wheel drive and differential lock and can sustain up to 300 points of damage. It's available at the beginning of The Valley, and will be your primary tool for exploring the map and finding routes to use.



The A-969 is the first of the 4x4 vehicles that is able to carry spare fuel with it, giving you speedy fuel access in a tight situation.


The A-969 struggles with deep water and tough mud, making it risky to send on cross-country trips.


As a scout vehicle, the A-969 doesn't carry a huge complement of utilities.

These are:

  • Fuel Canisters - Carries 200 Fuel
  • Garage Parts - Carries Two Garage Points
  • Spare Wheel – Carries 120 Repair Points
  • Utility Attachment - Carries 60 Fuel, 200 Repair Points

See you next week for the next vehicle presentation!

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What vehicle will be presented next week? Are there more then 3 new vehicles? Or is it a copy & paste error from the previous presentation? 😉

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That's a cute little truck.

I still do not know why this car will be added. Anyone have an idea?

@nickhawk Nah, not a typo - it's just there to say that there was a presentation every week. I'll edit it to make this clearer.

Do you have a problem with it? Do not use it.

2 garage points on a small jeep like vehicle it is very good.
Plus a large fuel carrying volume
It has more utility than the other little jeep 4x4 (basically a mini truck)...a mini B66 if you will

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the first 4x4 vehicle to carry fuel? what about the fuel/repair that can be added to the A469? while it is a good bit more than the 469, it is not the first really.

i am curious to see how well this will do. i am sure it will be a very capable scout, but it will be fun to see just where it will stand with the other scouts.

the important thing is that finally 13th day we will have new content in the game, especially the consoles players that are without mod, I hope to see more updates in this game in the near future.😏

at least new vehicles every month, ensuring the long life of the game on the consoles.

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Small agile vehicle with some basic fuel and maintenance? Seems nice to me.
What about running some map with one huge behemoth and one tiny supplier? Looking forward...

@sodoma you put it better than me, but this is what i was basicly thinking too. the 969 would be a nice addition to use with the bigger vehicles as a small support vehicle and does look to be a bit more useful than being just another scout vehicle.

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@iyagovos will we get info next week about the discussions that the dev team had at focus in regards to the future plans for mudrunner

Will there also be new Trophies/Achievements for the DLC?

@ren007nix good question, i am curious about this also now.

@sloppyslingers I can't say for certain when we'll have more info on the future plans, but once I can, I'll let you know 🙂

@ren007nix The Valley won't add any new achievements/trophies to the game.

I wish I could carry these scout vehicles with me, so I could deploy them when I need to scout the area ahead.Or just carry it across the River or similar in the maps like "Deluge" or "Crossing" etc. Cause sometimes for example playing with friends on Hardcore in the map "Deluge" and trying to beat it with one star, choosing only a small scout UAZ to start with.
Sometimes only one of the players manages to get across that Terrain.And it would be great if that player that managed to get across could carry the rest of the players over the hard terrain on unlocked vehicle which are located on other side of the map.I know that players can switch to the unlocked vehicle themselves, but that's different isn't it?!?It's a simulator game and a lot of a people like the driving aspect!And in a moments like that, I wish I could have just another winch point on the roof or behind the Cab just to make it possible.Cause then I could winch a scout vehicle on my back, at least with an 8 wheeler, by locating the right terrain to do so anyway! I would even agree to deliver an additional 1 garage point, just to make it to appear in the menu and make additinional winch point installable at the garage.
And very excited for new DLC!Thank's (PS4 community)

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Even now you can do what you want, taking your scout with you

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@mr-t I don't think you get whole point there mate!

That "recall" function doesn't satisfy you?