Was not this supposed to be fixed? 🙂

I was happily driving along as client on a MP game with me trusty kodiak in new test branche, so far so good, no bugs yet. Someone came by in Fleetline without upgrades, no awd and road wheels, so i detatch trailer, winch him along a little bit and after that i hook up trailer again.

I had metal beams on flatbed and 2 concrete block on sidewall trailer for fallen powerline task. However the metal beams seem to have vanished i can not see them on the screenshots at least.

Shortly, few seconds, after i hook up my trailer again, suddenly the concrete blocks did multiply(while loaded in my trailer, ofcourse packed not unpacked), like a lot... i fell over with the resulting force that acted onto my trailer. The metal beams did not multiply only the concrete blocks in trailer.
Take a look.

alt text

alt text

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