Crane HUD controls really needs to be closer to the top of the list.

When are you going to move the crane HUD up top and give option to turn it off?
It is EXTREMELY annoying because it is always in the way.
How can anyone think it is a good idea to cover where you are working on the screen?

The whole display is way too big, it could be a small list on the side or top, half transparent.
But it seems it is made so you can read it when you play on a 20" TV from 5 meters away on your couch. That is problably the reason behind it 😉

they said they removed it to Functions menu, no?

@Stazco said in Crane HUD controls really needs to be closer to the top of the list.:

they said they removed it to Functions menu, no?

I don't even know what they mean by that.
It is still at the bottom.



This is not a bug, in here we are talking about the test server and what is working and what is not, please post your comments in the right forums.

Please, do a search before posting.

Since that topic made it s way here i ll make a clear description of what was previously said in the other one.
The crane hud can be integrated as a part of "hints" that way it will make it possible to disable it through the option already available or an other option dedicated to that part of the ui.
That way after being used to the control it is possible to hide the ui.

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.05.24 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.05.24 -

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A keybind is STILL a better option
bind "H" = hud on/off

If they can manage to allow key binding great, but key binding is something you can do easily on pc since we have the keyboard(more possibility), when it come to console user there is a finite amount of key combination you can make before reaching saturation thus the choice of the option.
Plus at a certain point you will remember your key and have no use of that ui anymore.

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You have a point, maybe a combination of a keybid for PC users (wich should be fairly simple, the amount of keybind in the list today is pretty empty also)
plus adding an option in settings for a autohide or even a re-arrange/move Hud feature for all players, even console.

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