The game works much more stable than the general version, but there is a new problem

Everything works fine (average 61 FPS and 1% low 55 FPS) until you have to switch to another window (browser, office, Telegram, etc.). I use Alt + Tab for this, because I`m playing in fullscreen mode.

Usually after windows switching game suddenly starts freeze (not constantly, but every few minutes), regardless of the environment on scene, and my stable-60-fps turn into a random-between-40-and-55. Most often this problem can be solved by going to settings, switching the screen mode to borderless and then back to fullscreen. There were a few times when it didn't work, but restarting the game fixed everything.

I'm not sure, but maybe this also applies to the problem - in fullscreen mode, the Windows volume bar and screen brightness bar are not visible during the game, but Telegram notifications are higher than game (have larger z-index), although it should be the opposite