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When connecting the winch it automatically pulls even though I don't push Y button to do so. Although pushing the Y button stops it. Started after the PTS.

Same problem here

You guys are heading in the right direction, don't stop now.

Ğ¡ompletely agree 👍

Please stick to the rule stated here so we can quicly find whether or not a particular topic already exist through the search function.

There is already more then enough duplicate page full with the same issue in the other section of the forum who make harder and harder to navigate the forum, please use the search function and reply in the proper place.

For exemple:
The winch problem has already some post created, one is here:

Also this Pts section is mostly for bug, suggestion are welcome but there is already two section for that.
At last you should edit your post so it contain only one subject and a clear title on what issue you want to share.
So far that part of the forum is still in a good shape it would be nice if stay that way.

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