Curious Rookie

Evening all~

I'm a long time (14 years) GW Wargame player, with experience in BFG, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk, 40k, Fantasy, Mordheim and recently AoS as well. Somehow I never got around to looking into Necromunda, probably due to a lack of local players to enjoy it with.

Recently however I have been watching some videos of gameplay (The Yogscast can be full of surprises) and it honestly looks interesting to both my partner and I, so looks like we'll be following along for the ride.

My first love may be Battlefleet Gothic, but I look forward to seeing how Necromunda shapes up.

I'll be around, look forward to chatting with fellow hobbyists.

@archmagos-alexi Great to have you joining us! We are buddies with the folks at Tindalos, and we fully support your love of BFG, too. 🙂