No using mutators/mods in local?

Hello devs, why?

I make mods, can't test them without having to host my own server as local doesnt work for mods and mutators.
What is the point in mod tools if they only make things which work for servers? Christ, you should of stuck with source engine it might of been a little close to 20 year out of date but the framework for modding is SOLID.

I waited for the tools, they come, and they are half arsed. Holy shit. Dead fuckin game bruv.

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I don’t really see a problem with that and source is too old. Old means limitations, limitations lead to less content, less complexity, less fun. We are in 2020 launching global internet satellites through reusable rockets. Stop crying and take a fresh breath of air outside. Unreal engine is great but it is still new, even unreal has limitations but it is vastly superior to Source.