Steering wheel looses funktions after map switching (Logitech G29)

I have some issues Since the patch from 22.05.2020. After switching from one to another map sometimes parts of the funktionality of my Steering wheel get lost. Mostly buttons of the wheel. Once it turned all the way right and got stuck.

As a workaround i have to switch out of the game to the main menu and start the game again (and everything is working propperly).

I have exact same issue but on G920. Switch to different country and the wheel just hard locks to its maximum rotation. The only way, having tried all sorts, is to quit the game and reload and its fixed. Needs fixing before patch general release.

Similar issues with a 360 Controller. Gas, Brake, Steering works, but can't use function, hand-brake, or change gears. Simply going to map and back restores all though. Interesting how you have to go out of game to resolve.

Open and close map, that does fix it on keybord.

Same issue with Thrustmaster F150 (but I set it up as “custom”) I loose functionality for the buttons. What I do is, before I load the map, go to settings - wheel control, and click left or right for an other wheel set, then click back to my custom.
Then load the map. Should work now

It seems to be solved in the version 5.2 of the game.