Wrong wheelbase on Azov 53-19 "Nara"

I had to find a wrong wheelbase on the Azov 53-19 "Nara", the rear four wheels are too far in.
And do not fit completely, unfortunately the stability of the vehicle suffers.

Please adjust to the same wheelbase of the front wheels.

Here an example picture.
Bild Text

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agreed lot of other trucks with single wheel base suffer from this sadly

You can fix it by yourself until the devs do something about it.


<Wheel _template="MiddleAxle" Pos="(-2.516; 0.633; 1.061)" />
<Wheel _template="MiddleAxle" RightSide="true" Pos="(-2.516; 0.633; 1.061)" />
<Wheel _template="MiddleAxle" Pos="(-3.832; 0.633; 1.061)" />
<Wheel _template="MiddleAxle" RightSide="true" Pos="(-3.832; 0.633; 1.061)" />