Trucks appear in wireframe

Patch 5.1

Approaching trucks to make a recoverer. Switching between trucks and disconnecting the trailer caused the truck on it's side that was connected to the trailer to go into wireframe. It was not possible to winch to it.

![0_1590158486811_SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.05.22 -](Uploading 100%)

Upon reloading, I could winch the trailer away. When it got a distance from the BM17 (on its side) both truck and trailer popped back into solid.

Im curioius though....

Did this happen to you right after you copied your files from the original game and this was the first startup?

Reason why i ask is because that was the case for me, then further on when testing the PTS i never saw this again.....until today, when everything bonkered and i had to re-copy all the files from my original game again, and then when i first enteredthe game, the wireframe trucks were there again.... wich makes me believe that this might be a cache related thing?

@evilomatic It was on the files copied from the original game, but wasn't the first startup. Further playing seems to show it as a method for showing if the collision is broken. I will test it on a new game.