Blocked Handbrake after traveling through the tunnel


I've notice that after I travel to other location (in my case from Zimnegorsk to Quarry) the handbrake will not release after presing the button. This is happening on 5.1 version.


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I have the same issue, at least in all the Taymir tunnels, i'm unable to release the hand brake but if i travel to the garage and after that when i return to the truck with the handbrake blocked it let me realease it and drive again but you need to change between truck and garage every time you travel.

I found a quick fix, until they release a patch. After going through the tunnel press the map button and go back. Now you should be able to drive 🙂


I confirm that opening the Map after moving through the tunnel works!!! I tried remapping keys for the brakes and even restarting the game. Those did not work.
Well Done on figuring out and using the Map!!!!

I had the same issue with the Step310 one time so far, i used the map trick, and it did release the handbrake.

Had the same issue in Michigan