5.1 Patch made Mods don't work anymore

With patch 5.1 Mods seem to crash the game

1:Had two different modded trucks on map, when try to switch to them (on map) game crashed
2:Going up to them on map with unmodded vehicle, they are visible and actually on the map, but when try to switch via vehicle menu "change truck" game crashes.
3:Bying a new modded truck from the Truck Store, the bying works, but when try to "Leave Garage" game crashes.
4:Disabling all the mods via Mod Menu and game works, all modded trucks gone.
5:Enabling Mods again via Mod Menu, and try to buy a modded truck, game crashes already when clicking "Truck Store".

This is common amongst pretty much all modded games you can play. When an update is released usually something gets changed somewhere that makes the mod act erratically or cease to function all together.

I will also add being a PTS it is unlikely that any modder will be updating mods to work on tyhe current build as the PTS build and the live builds for Patch 5 will likely be different anyway. The PTS is just a testing ground to see what works and what doesn't.

That being said you may find other mods do work, it's trial and error unfortunately. But remember this is just a PTS so no progress will be carried over it's just for mass testing of certain functions and tweaks.

No offense but i think you are completely wrong.

Modding is also part of the patching system, i'm not talking about if i can use my modded truck so i can play and progress on the PTS.
I am specifically testing the Modding functions on the current patch, and the modding doesnt work at the moment, no feelings no nothing, just a "Modding is broken", end of story.

Also, mods DID work at patch 5.0 so, yes i do think Devs are intresested in the information we give them, thats whole idea with a test server.