Minor request - allow cargo management for trucks with only a crane

Any chance this could make it into the testing branch ahead of the next patch release?

Especially considering that the cargo loading issues appear to be solved now... could you tweak it so that trucks with cranes (but no cargo storage addon/trailer) are allowed to access the "Cargo Management" window at loading areas, so we don't have to switch back and forth between the truck we're loading and the crane truck to ask for each individual manual-load cargo unit?

I would like to add the request, that a crane is also allowed to pack/unpack cargo on nearby trailers - no matter if they are connected to a truck or not.

That's a great idea too, thanks!
It might be a harder one to implement, as it might need a new interface element to handle it, but it would really cut down on messing around when trying to reorganise cargo between multiple trailers.

Perhaps a shortcut could be - if your winch is attached to a trailer, you get the option to pack/unpack that trailer as normal.