COOP not working since update from May, 22nd

Since the update of 22nd
COOP can no longer be played 😞

checking permissions - and then - i am offline.


is that on the regular game or the public test server? And are you joining a game or creating one?

@ian76g Having the same issue.

To elaberate;

  • Pressing START COOP in the main menu
  • Select Save File
  • 'Checking Permissions' as usual
  • then get a OFFLINE MODE notice saying 'You can play offline or try to connect to online services again.'

Tried it a few times. Even restarted game to be greeted by the same message.

Going to check a New Save and see what happens. Will keep you updated.

Checked a New game same issue. So not to do with Savegame.

I cant even choose a savegame - In the main menu i click COOP then two messages appear and I am back in the main menu 😞

problem solved - coop works.
maybe the server were offline?

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