All of today’s governments have a 900-degree turn angle, or even more.
I don't even understand what the makers used to do it for ???
My question is this.
Why limit the game to 180 degrees. ????
If I uncheck "Allow Game To Adjust Settings" in my Logitech profile player, I can adjust the rotation angle as I wish, but unfortunately Force Feedback support will be removed in the game, meaning it won't work.
However, if I activate this option, Force Feedback will work in the game, but the game will limit it, close the rotation angle to 180 degrees.
This is so bad .....
In MudRunner, I never had a problem with that, everything worked.
In today's world, people don't buy and use government to play with "controller control" with a 180 degree turn ......
I think we need to fix this first !!!!!!!!!

  1. My other question is the Logitech G27 government support when we get the game. ???????
  2. The H patent derailleur option and the manual pedal clutch assignment can be used when it can be used !!!!!!!
    These options all worked by default and could be used in MudRunner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am very glad that the FFB has been included with the current repair, the support works very well, but with the above-mentioned 180-degree turn, the vehicles can be controlled quite badly .. !!!!!
    Thanks in advance....
    Sorry for my English