Competitive Mode Suggestions

These are just ideas to help improve/make comp mode fun and have ppl play it.

Start with Makarov and 0 supply points, then each kill awards team 1 supply point (each player on that team gains a supply point), teammate death subtracts 1 team supply point, objective completion awards 2 team supply points, objective loss subtracts 2 team supply points. Subsequent losses award increasing amount of supply points to losing team up to certain amount, winning resets/decreases the counter. ~<30 second ready up time to adjust equipment/strat each round.

Players on each team have a uniform, team-specific, high-visibility camo/clothing that doesn't blend into the map terrain (security is white or blue/insurgent black or red) or choose amongst existing cosmetic skins.

Smaller map sizes with focus on buildings and pathways rather than open areas.

Increase cost of frag grenades (pre-nading is op).

Certain grenades limited to certain classes (only riflemen have smoke and incendiary, only flankers have flash and frag).

Increase cost of 2x optics, 4x optic only available on sharpshooter class weapons.

Reduce amount of clutter/vegetation (hiding prone is op).

Remove/nerf shotgun.

Longer games (more rounds needed to win).

2 weapon cache defense/attack scenario (like cs xd), could be interesting as an added scenario alongside the current one although I feel like this isn't necessarily the problem with the comp game mode as it is.

Add a competitive leaderboard to main menu.

Comp mode rank visible on player profile on leaderboard outside comp (optional).

EARN MUCH HIGHER XP AMOUNT FOR COMPLETING COMP GAMES with guaranteed cosmetic drop as an incentive to actually play comp mode.

What do you guys think should be changed to make comp more playable?

Hi i find these ideas really interesting.

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I was just thinking a mode with two objectives, that are weapon caches only destroyed through planting the bomb (holding F) and no respawns

@Far-Seer I think you may be on to something here! Not sure what OP was going on about because I got lost trying to read it... sorry just me lol but ya your idea right here sounds very interesting to me I mean it’s just search and destroy but I’ve been begging for a no respawn mode for some time now. I would just add one thing to this as I would also want this added to competitive and that’s simply that the dead are not able to communicate with the living plain and simple. If you die you wait and you can chat with the other dead people not those who are still alive. I can’t understand for the life of me why this is appealing to people (I know I know callouts) but I think this is single handedly probably one of the most queer shitty ass things that devs do to ruin a game and any possible immersion from that particular type of game mode. Rant over... in conclusion I would absolutely love a search and destroy mode and also really really hope ambush comes to the game soon!!!