Mod menu: Mods does not stay activated after restart

Mods still does not stay activated after restart.

Is this a problem?
Yes, if you buy a modded vehicle, you buy that vehicle the same way you buy a normal vehicle, ie. from the truckstore.
IF you enter game without activate the mod for that truck and then exit game, the game saves the state as if you don't have the vehicle, thus you lost your modded vehicle AND the money you paid it with.

To comments that will follow:
-"Just remember to enter the menu and activate mods"

Yes, this is the already known workaround for the problem, but the problem with this as a bug still persist, right?

To comment that will follow:
-"JeZZuSS don't use mods, they DeStr00y your gameZ and iS kinda like Hax0ring"

Mod Menu and the use of Mods is a part of the game, by the devdesicion of the Devs and a big part of the community is the modding community, if you don't like mods, don't use them.
And please, this forum is for the Test server and how well the next patch will work, soo.... stay away from your salty comments "l33t Gam3r" as they don't contribute in any way.

Snowrunner mod menu.jpg

I may have to re-evaluate this post, because now when i entered the mod menu to do my own workaround, to my surprise, they were already in active state...i'll leave this post open untill more testing has been accomplished, and maybe someone else can confirm?