Force feedback and wheel stuff.

So far the FFB is alright. I would love to feel it in my wheel when my truck is wobbling from the lode's shifting and another big thing is my clutch for my pedals are useless. i can just use my shiftier and slap it into any gear i want without pushing in my clutch. the feed back seems a little soft my wheel dose not rumble away just on idle i play allot of ats [american truck simulator] and the ffb on there is fa-nominal it feels real. long way for snow runner to go but still decent ffb,

I agree with loredshadow, wheel support is coming along nicely but is not 100%. Fanatec CSL Wheel force feedback feels pretty good, but could be stronger and more defined. I haven't messed with any in-game or wheel settings to see what effects that has just yet.

Shifting is still lacking in realism since the clutch can be completely ignored when slapping gears and there is no neutral unless you bind it to one of your gears...

When attempting to bind the camera rotation to the wheel's thumb-stick, it would just continually spin in one direction after pressing it. The wheel key binding settings area doesn't allow for removal of the bind... so i am stuck unless i reset to default and start over...

When using an Xbox controller to move camera this forces the truck's steer wheels straight momentarily taking over steering as well, not good while moving quickly though tight situations, but manageable. This is part of base game, but new problem arises with trying to use controller to drive. The game-pad then cannot be used at all for driving the truck, since the wheel constantly tries to take back over, making it impossible to move.

I wonder if an external joystick would be a better choice for camera control anyways? Could the joystick then be used to control the crane and switch camera to wheel joystick for that moment? This sounds challenging but fun.

How about the ability to bind a handbrake? Even if its just activated like a button, this would add another fun dynamic to the control layout.

Quick winch not only just throws winch, it can actually pull truck now, when that part didn't work before, thats good.

Can we bring back the ability to steer while flipped upside down after engine dies? This was possible in Mudrunner and Spintires. I remember a few instances where a few wiggles of steering might have flipped me back upright due to angle and/or obstacles. This also helps while someone else is helping you flip back over in multiplayer.

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