PS4 Bugs I've run into
  1. My transmission stops working suddenly. The truck will rev, but no movement. I have to switch to another gear (rev again with no movement) then switch to the original gear to get moving again. Sometimes have to do it multiple times to get moving again. Happens with or without a load.

  2. In Island Lake during a co-op with 1 other friend I was attempting to collect wood planks at the saw mill while it was raining. I moved the camera to overhead view and during that camera transition it started raining bundles of steel planks on me, burying my truck. It looked to be at least 50 or more bundles.

  3. during solo mode cargo often falls through trailers when loading with a crane.

  4. In co-op mode crashes still happen, they are less frequent. But i've found that any interaction with other players severely increases the chances. For example another player loading cargo into your truck bed or trailer with a crane almost always results in a crash of one or more players.

  5. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but you can't repair from a maintenance trailer that you're not hitched to, however you can refuel from any fuel container regardless of whether you're hitched to it or not.

  6. Also not sure if this is a bug, but the Azov 73210 is way too low and digs the bumper into the ground constantly. Even on level ground, making the vehicle almost unusable.

I have the same problems from point 4 and down, (can't say anything about the co-op because haven't played any co-op on patch 4/version 1.04) + that the light's are bugged, They are emitting "light" but the animation is "off", and the mirrors do not work for me either, have a muddy semi static image, so I don't want to play in first person because I can't see what's happening behind me when hauling a trailer (I would have loved to play it more in first person if it where more practical and but for it to be more practical we need working mirrors) and I don't want to play in third person at night because of the none working lights. It's thanks to the "skip time" option saves this game for me at the moment. I love what the game is trying to give us. It's just that it would have needed a little bit more tweaking before release. I know that they are working to get the lights and mirror working for ps4. Just a shame it wasn't fixed for me at least in the latest patch/version like they said where fixed. I hope they are able to work these issues out soon so we can get some new content.