Dataminig Trailer doesn't disappear after finish (The Rift)

Hello in the map The Rift after complete the contract Data mining the trailer doesn't dissappear and remains on the map unusable.
(If it matters i completed the contract towing the trailer atached to the tatarin with the cable)

alt text

Same behavior.

Game version 5.1

Yeah saddly same bug as the gmc in smithville and the chevy in white valley and the scout in Pedro bay

kinda off toppic but it bugs me that they would have tuz 420 here.. like why bro u can add any other truck but instead they put this haha whats the point in discovering same truck in 2 different maps, put something like 10x10 Azov or either Kolob and stick it in the river or on the cliff.. such a lazy development on that

i know its minor but those little details bother me so much

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