I just have one last request. If and or when you decide to grace this game with the presence of the only game mode I truly care to play (and ultimately would make me come back and play a lot) AMBUSH!!! can you pretty pretty please not make the “dead” able to communicate with the “alive”? This is entirely game breaking for me for several reasons. One the obvious is it is quite unrealistic in a game that totes to be just that or at least somewhat. Two would be footsteps and other sounds I like to be able to hear things in the living world not from the grave I also do not need nor want the opinions of those who either were not able to or couldn’t be bother to stay alive. Three would simply be the fact I don’t want to hear some child screaming nonsense or barking orders in my ear regardless of the fact the he/she is in fact deceased and I am still alive and well. This was the single main reason I simply could not get into Comp (And I tried) in the entirety of my 260+ hours in sandstorm. So I beg if you take at the very least one thing from this games older and in MO much much wiser brother INS:2014 it is simply that. Please put AMBUSH into sandstorm soon and keep it just as wonderful and unaltered as it remains in all its current glory with the exception that a new engine and a little polish never hurt anyone! Thank you very much to anyone of the dev/team who took the time to read and consider this. #VIPLIVESMATTER#DARKCLOTHINGRIGHT?#THEVIPHASESCAPED#YOLO#AMBUSH4LIFE