Crane controls

The crane control window is still at the bottom of the screen. Come on man! Everybody hates it there. Put it at the top please, or the option to get rid of it completely.

The option to move it (in settings menu) or just an auto-hide when crane is in use. I wouldn't mind if it the help came back if you are just sitting there. Five to 10 second delay would work.

I second the need for it to be hide-able. I would prefer an option in the game settings.

I've been trying to reach out for devs with an another solution:
A keybind for HUD.
Bind "key" = HUD on/off


My bet is this is prgrammable in the code by two lines max 🙂

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I actually like it on the bottom..


Yes me too....sometimes, that why my suggestion is the better option won't you say?


I don't mind it at the bottom, however i'm using a PS4 controller on my PC. I'm not sure if the keyboard controls window is bigger or not, but it never seemed to be an issue for me. I can say that an option to remove it wouldn't be bad. the controls for the crane even for a controller player like myself, are way easier than spintires\mudrunner.

I don't mind the window at the bottom. It's never been a problem for me using a PS4 pad on PC. I suppose an option to hide it could please everyone.

There are already thread about it who summarize some good idea use the search function:


Good that you pointed that out.
To OP:s defence i think what he actually was saying was:
They are "STILL" at the bottom of screen, wich i think the idea was to lift that it hadnt been adressed for the upcoming 5.0 patch, correct me if im wrong OP.

@Raphael said in Crane controls:

There are already thread about it who summarize some good idea use the search function:

What, are you the thread police or something. You seem to be patrolling everywhere.

Why have multiple post when you can have one who compile everything, in general chat and feedback, technical if you try to look for something you will find ten page covering one issue or an idea.
Beside that, for the person who have to scroll the forum to report issue to the people who work on it, this is time consuming.
We are lucky that moderation here is flexible enough, on other forum post would be deleted or merged and you will issue a warning for spam and probably a suspension at some point.

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I get that. I even said so a while back but unfortunately they let this place get too messy from the start.
They should have kept it clean from the start. Now everybody wants to have their issues seen.
Now with everything such a mess it is hard to do. Which of the 30 threads on the same subject do you choose to get yours seen?
There are waaay too many threads on the same subject. Here now gone the next minute and forgotten.

That's what happens when a forum isn't moderated properly. But then you have the few that feel anything goes too.

Yes.Please move the crane control screen,I cannot see where to place my load on the truck cause its in the way!