List of issues solved with 5.0

I don't know if that help for the developers but we can do a list with the issues we found solved in the 5.0 version.

I will start:

-Percentage of completion now show properly
-Vehicles discovered indicator now show properly

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The settings work now .

Holding fuel up now fully fuels.

My G29 FFB works perfectly..even though this is still a beta test, kudos to the developers

Shadows seem to render properly on the first constructed bridge at least

Loading trucks onto trailers then changing to "tow" vehicle now works without the vehicle falling through the trailer.

I like the now working force feedback with my G29 on PC now. Thumbs up for this.

  • Possibly fixed cargo-phasing-through-trailers:

Could do with some confirmation from others...


I just did (in your post) but it is now confirmed here to by accident 🙂

the flickering ground has stopped flickering from when i started testserver first.

found it on 6th nothing more fixed?...

dear @Jellyfoosh, please pin this my opinion the most important one

Fixes are not for everyone... i finished the game and still progression is messed up... you cant say progression fixed if you not finish the whole game... so for me progression is not fixed at all and maybe will never be until i will play again the game from scratch...

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@Nonasing Hello, in my case the 5.x version solve the problem of progression, before in 4.x version i was stuck at at 98% in michigan but after play some online matches(and discover some vehicles) i've discover that the proggresion bugged at 101%.

After 5.x all the markers were fixed for me, the only thing i should have to do for the 100% was complete the Rift map and after do it i get the 100% .

Great... you did it on PST right? I cant start another game from scratch and i hope official 5.0 to fix this issue after complete the last russian map for official version too

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@Nonasing I've copy the save from 4.x (the one you see in the first screenshot) and loaded into PTS and that solve the dicovered vehicles marker and give me 100% in michigan and in alaska, and for the 100% in Taymir i've had to complete the Rift map in PTS

Yeah but you cannot copy from PTS to official game on 9th when update will be oficial be released... so everything will be lost and PTS closed... that what they said... thats why i didnt do progress on PTS and wait for official release... so on 9th you may have an unpleasant surprise like new game only option instead of continue... PTS was for test only not for saving progression...

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@Nonasing Yes, yes, i know that i've can't copy my save from PTS to live version, but If PTS works with my save from 4.x when they update the live version to the 5.x my problem with progresion will be solve and the only thing that i will need to do for obtain 100% is complete The Rift.

I've play the PTS to test my save from 4.x version, to see if there will be any bug or problem with it when they upgrade live to 5.x version, also i've started a new game in PTS to try the game save slots and to search for bugs and help finding issues both in singleplayer and coop.
PTS is a test to help the developers find issues quickly for me doesn't matter that you can't copy your PTS to Live version and when they launch 5.x in live version i will complete the Rift map on it and i will look forward to start testing phase 1 content in PTS.

Yeah! now its clear... same for me... after official release i must complete the 4th russian map and ill have 100% progression.