You can go to hell

Releasing a full price game and then basically admitting that you do not have a test team at hand, which is just in line with how buggy this thing is, by 'inviting' players to be your testers. Like some experimental branch on Steam with some 3 man indy studio, or what? FFS

please watch your language. No reason to insult people.

@KcutsTog Well, thats a bit harsh. A lot of modern games get test servers. The Division 2 and Diablo 3 are both games I play regularly that have test servers active. I mean, Diablo 3 came out HOW many years ago (hint: it was 2012) and they still use public test servers before releasing a patch. Yes this game isnt in the best of shape right now, but to continue to bash on them for utilizing a public test server is just uncalled for. They are doing what they can to fix the game.

@KcutsTog You must be special.

PTS is voluntary, you DONT have to do it.

Besides like @Glitchworks said some of the biggest PC games have public test servers..

Battlefield, World of Warships, Division, Diablo, For Honor, Planetside, PUBG i can go on...

Almost all games run public testing. Unless you can afford a team of 1000+ paid testers, you're going to unearth bugs far quicker by opening testing up to the public. There's only so much internal testers can cover.
Do you want the game fixed quickly, or less quickly?

i believe he want to be banned

Would of been helpful if your ranting included what bugs you have so the devs know what to fix . Rant away but include the bugs imo .

Think the OP forgets what is going on in the world with regards to test teams.
Would he rather the game delayed a year until all bugs sorted or play and get hot fixes as and when they can do it?
I know for a fact , i prefer to play and wait for bug fixes. Full price or not.
Most games these days need updates/fixes and this game is no different. Still playable.

Seriously, I'm completely flabbergasted at all these irrational whiners. Yeah, I think ,even from our perspective, we shouldn't expect people to just have basic understanding of game development but even so this is ridiculous.

I must admit the clever title, best clickbait ever, "you can go to hell" , isn't that a classic phrase from the 70's 🙂