Tunnel Blocked

The tunnel from White Valley to North Port is blocked, even though this task has been cleared.

i cant get on to the quarry from drowned lands i have it unlocked but the game says passage blocked

So I am not the only one that having this issue and how tunnel is block in Alaska and the garage is missing from zimnegore and there is no icon to show which way to get to the tunnel to get to rift. They got alot of stuff to fix, I was hoping that we would be able to jump in and check out the new area to give feed back not, literally alpha test this build of the game.

You need to do it on a fresh save. Just tested in co-op with someone who had yet to unlock Russian Fed maps. Something up with the save copy or existing unlocks.

Could get into Rift map but couldn't cross from Drowned Lands to Quarry.

still it good it was reported so that way it can be sorted out for the actual release

Additional to this.

Gateways are only unlocked for current, active session.
If you quit out of a clean save where you got a gateway unlocked, then reload, it will be blocked again.