can't moved map drowend land to quarry

can't moved map drowend land to quarry

but i had already clear the mission

A new game fixes it (back to the Sesimic vibrator until hotfixed!). Tested in co-op, only happens on pre unlocked saves

Scratch that. Seems that if you get booted or leave a COOP game and rejoin the game it will give the same error. So sadly very hard to explore further.

I have the same problem, I have all the missions, contracts and competitions done and don't let me pass

Answering to myself i found a bypass for that bug to try the new map, in real mudrunner just drop some vehicles in quarry and transfer that save to the test server and you can access to rift.

treneroefc's work around works till you recover, as you still can enter the garage. the devs just need to make everyone's test account come with unlocked and 999,999 dollars like the test range

Same issue here, have complete everything this afternoon. Game don't let me pass. We will need a hotfix for the PTS!

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Can confirm this. Have not tested the workaround by @treneroefc yet.
To add: My zymnegorsk garage no longer shows on the map