Flickering terrain


I just downloaded the PTS and played a bit of the tutorial again and now I some flickering on the terrain. The game settings are the same.


Yeah, i have the same issue.

Yeah, i have the same issue.

Same (x2, coop player too)

Works well but annoying flickering on NVIDIA RTX2070 SUPER

Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this, the team has been notified.

I am also having this issue on my GTX 1650

Here also the problem with a RTX2080Ti.

We have also gone through all graphic settings, it does not matter what you set the problem still exists.

Same here on RTX 2070S

Is there some Amd user who face this or it only apply with Nvidia gpu?

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Yep, same issue. Tried turning off all the things in the settings but it didn't help.

Same flickering on Nvidia 1080 Founders Edition. Messed with vsync and all other graphic options and could not stop the flicker.

same flickering on GTX1060

I am a bit confused - my posts don't show up - my GTX1060 also flickes

I am also having this issue on my GTX 1070ti with 445.87

hello same for, me the grass is flickerin, I use Nvidia gtx 1050ti (laptop version)

same for me running ultra settings on Asus Radeon STRIX-RX5700XT

I also have the same problem on PTS.
PC Build: https://asset.msi.com/pdf/main/us/nb/GL72 6QF-697.pdf
Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G29 + H-shifter

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Radeon RX580 Nitro+ gets flickering too. Also have 2nd monitor off it and 3rd off the onboard video. (Intel)