Looking for Group

I see this forum has a few sections which is organised and I like it. But why not include as this is a coop game a Looking For Group section. Sure you can post in General. But like in may games it's better to have a go to place to look for a person to team up with. You could have basic rules in mandatory this needed to be include for example, Age, Country region for example EU, NA, UK etc, so the best connection for all is achieved. And experience level needed, novice, casual, Hardcore, Extreme. You get the idea. I think this will be a good idea and very active. I am new but experienced in the sim world. For now I am enjoying sp but I will be looking to team up for sure. Thanks Spike.

Yep, I think it's a great idea. Sometimes when I don't have enough motivation I prefer to look some predictions based on numerology, like here ( website: https://www.sunsigns.org/angel-number-911-meaning/ ), cause they can tell you a lot of interesting facts, which can happen with you in the future, in this or that moment.

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