Cargo ghosting threw trailers and trucks "Xbox"

I have bin trying to revive the broken lumber mill. Lost my load 3 times now ( 2 were my fault) but after the first time I tried to recover the cargo with a crane, kept glitching threw my trailer. 2nd time just said oh well and went to grab new cargo. On my third trip I paused and switched trucks to help a buddy get unstuck. Switch back to loaded truck and cargo ghosts threw the trailer. I was parked in flat land plz fix. Also try to carry a truck on a ramped flatbed and truck ghosts threw trailer as well. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THIS

I have been having the same problem im also on xbox. i hope this gets fixed soon because as of now the game is unplayable for me

Same issue on PS4 lads , I’ve put it away until it’s sorted as the game is impossible to play like this

Love the game! And ya I can’t haul any of my trucks they ghost through the trailer and the decks, this issue makes the game unplayable for me as well, and I’m glad I’m not the only one have the same issue lol

The same shit on PC with AMD 2700X and Geforce GTX 1070... hope its gonna be fixed soon, the game is unplayable and frustrating like this!