Gamebreaking: Retained truck disappeared between sessions!! :-((((((

I just had a Fleetstar F2070A valuing around $85,000 disappear from my account overnight.

It's not on any garage slot on any location I have unlocked.

It's not in the Truck Storage.

No, I did not sell it by accident. My account balance is the same as when I logged off last night.

When logging into the game today, it said I had a cloud conflict and I resolved it by using the most recent (local).

Can this be the cause?

Please address this with urgency. I've seen plenty of user reports online and something like this breaks the entire pleasure of playing the game, grinding for money, buying trucks and then having them disappear.

My user profile in game is named (in quotes): "twitch n3cr0_pt".


After restarting the game, it still didn't show the truck. While I submitted this report, when I went back into the game, the Truck suddenly started showing up again!

So while the problem has been solved, it does hint at some bug somewhere. I'll leave this here for awareness.