Bugs and crashes. Xbox one s 2 person party.

Driving into service center in Smithfield dam, screen goes black and truck idle is heard. - had to restart Xbox.

One player goes invisible to the other player and can not see himself on the map either. Smithfield dam, fleetstar.

Players spawn in collision when moving to a new area through tunnel.

Driver dissapears from truck in 3rd person and hands get skewed in first person.

Joined a hosted match and had duplicate trucks in truck storage (sold them for some sweet cash)

Continuity between players is the main co-op issue. Having one player seeing one thing and the other seeing something different. Like a trailer being upside down to me but my buddy says it's right way up. Or recovering a player he has to tell me when he is right side up because it will not show in my screen.

Host has extra trucks on the object list that are spawned under the map. Or outside the map (falling from the sky)Host can recover, guest can not.

Cargo flies from trailer when guest attached to host trailer or vice versa.

Can not refuel azov 64131 at Smithfield dam fuel station. Can not refuel roof rack cans on multiple vehicles.

When driving in high in 3rd person and then going to 1st person there is a strange sound that stays even when going back to 3rd person. Azov.

Engine sounds only right when throttle is pressed. Lol ( I'm gonna add that to the list cause it sucks)