About the religious faction

I just read from a spanish article that religious faction is composed by mages that think the disease the people are running from is a manifestation of their God's wrath.

Question: Can you roleplay an atheist mage like in Dragon Age? I'm a mage player for the most part, and the religious faction seem to be the mages of this game, I know the main character is from the merchant faction but if you can learn abilities from the religious does that mean that I have to believe in their god to learn their magic powers?

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Hi nickclark89.

The religion of the religious faction is based on what they called the "magic of the Light". The People of this faction are devoted to their faith, and can't be atheists. However, the player (who can only choose gender, but who is a defined character in this universe) has access through a skill tree to all the skills used by NPC (except the native magic, based on the Nature's power).

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Don't hesitate to have a look to some interview we gave during the E3, we had the opportunity to cover several aspects of the game, especially the universe and the back story.


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First I'm loving the communication with you guys, I wish there were this kind of feedback with devs of other games!

I will read those articles, thank you very much! I was expecting that those mages were faithful to their god. So if you can learn some of their powers does that mean than in-game there are story-reasons to believe in their faith? Also, what about elemental powers (fire, electricity, ice, etc)?

Thank you so much! I know I'm asking for too much but I'm super eager for this game 😛 I would understand you cant tell too much about what I'm asking lol my main concern was answered (gay/lesbian romances) and it was super cool how opened you guys were answering that question, thank you for that too!

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My character could certainly use some of those mage powers, I'll be trying to get some of them in the game.

Thanks for the info.


We can't reveal too much at the minute. But before discovering the island, the only magic known and used on the continent was the magic of Light. It's not about elemental powers, it's an approach specific in this universe.
The player is free to stay neutral to to embrace one faction idea (or to be hated by everybody ^^), so he/she can of course decide to follow the religious philosophy. But it doesn't affect the possibility to learn and master magic skills.


@MarieCécile-Jacq thank you that was helpful! I swear I'm going to contain myself of asking too much = P cant wait to know more!!!! 2018 is so far! = )

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