My truck Just gone!!

Me and my friend was playing and sudernly cars and truck was flying an lost 2 of my trucks, its Just gone, i own it in the store but its gone..

Fix it ASAP...

Gretings from a mad viking from northen Norway

Yes I came here to post same issue. Was bombing around in Drummond with my loadstar. My buddy cane online so I main menued and started a coop. I started private game and it loaded me in black river and I knew something was up. Got to garage and checked map only to find my loadstar I parked In Drummond no longer exists in my world or map. When I check the truck store it says I still own.

I’m playing on Xbox and so far since the recent patch I’ve since not been able to load cargo onto other trucks without cargo falling through. I lost my level 28 game save( are you kidding me!!!!!) And now lost a truck.

Needless to say I’m extremely frustrated with this game.... I know the potential of this game but for now it’s broken. Please help