Lost my whole Snowrunner progress PS4

Hey guys, got a problem. Im nearly new to this game and i tried to take some wood from the first to the second map on Michigan.
My games crashed. Im tried to restart the game..and i got the message that my old data files got deleted because theyre broke and got overwrited with new data. So now my whole progress is gone. I am back at level 1 lost my trucks and the rest of the progress i had.

Same thing just happened to me 30 mins ago. Game crashed after playing coop. After restarting the game i received a message that my save game is broken and got deleted. I lost all my money, all my Trucks, i finished all missions and contracts and found all hidden trucks and upgrades. Got Set back from Level 30 to Level 1. Playing on PS4 , Gamertag is Bluatwuascht. Please Help!!