Entire game reset

Was playing with some buddies left the game to go do my own thing on my own maps and I lost everything. All the trucks and money I had. Now being back at square one and I dont even get my dlc trucks back....

Same problem xbox one.
Finished russia and now i want to help my friend with russia and lost everything until i discoverd an outpost.

Anyway it is a s***t system to double complete finished quests while playing on a friends server.

@AndySnowrunner So do you have your money and trucks back

No. Level 1 with 5000$!
i reccommend you guys to wait with coop until they fix this.
making no game progression is anyways a wasting of time. i dont now if its xbox only, or a both console problem, or only russia maps.

an easy way to fix this are more automaticly savegamegames (3 or so) like in the most rpg's.
id liked mudrunner and i did all the achievements and i will do this too in snowrunner but later on maybe after phase 4 at the end of the year.

Sorry for my postings i'm a non english speaker...

full description for dev support.

  1. coop completed russia map
  2. the other player starts the server (russia)
  3. the person with the already finished map goes the left watchtower (with tatarin)
  4. boooom, black screen. toturial starts again and the game saves automaticly
  5. look out the window and asking yourself why it's already spring out there

Just got my game reset to level 1 from level 8.
Xbox one. Gamertag, TheBeerBarron.
Pacific time western canada, approximately 2:15 pm.

Playing online with 2 friends in Alaska. Mountain River. I was in a friends session. Not my own.

I got disconnected from the game. And given the end of session report.
I went to proceed to the next screen expecting to be put back into my single player game as usual. Except I noticed the loading screen was for Black River Michigan. Instead of the second map where I last was.
When the game loaded, i was at the beginning of the game again. With the starting truck and back at level 1.

I restarted the game. And went back in and selected continue. And it still loaded the game from the beginning.

Quite annoying. As this game takes quite some time to progress.

Hopefully there is a way to get my saved game back.
If there are any more questions. Please ask.


Just lost 20 hours of game time.. for the 2nd time this week !!!
Playing on multi and it started glitching and reset my entire game 2 times !!!
I paid 70 bucks for a glitchy pos ...
Cmon #focus #snowrunners ..
At least make an effort to give people their money's worth !!!
Was stoked about this game .. spent the cash n now i dont even wanna play .. what a waste !!!
Where do I get my refund !!!

I'm having the same issue as OP but they deleted my thread...