Need help .. losing my best game

I hope there are Devs here.

My friends and I, from Singapore, have been enjoying the best FPS shooter out there for a long time. Unfortunately, about a month back we noticed a real spike in the pings. We'd usually have less than 20 ping, sometimes as low as single digit. But about a month back our pings have shot up to 200. It is NOT fun playing with a high ping, and it's spoiling the enjoyment of this game. We play other games without any issues.

The strange part is, among the 4 of us, some will get low pings while others will get high pings. All this within the same night. It fluctuates from round to round. So I might get a low ping in one round while a friend might get a high ping and this would switch from round to round. Freaky!

We all live within 2km of each other and we all have the same ISP. An Ookla speed test clocked my latency at 2 ping, download 638mbps, upload 570mbps.

The fluctuations and the fact that other games are fine simply means that this is NOT a client side issue.

Help ...

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Do Devs even check these forums?

Certainly doesn't seem that way. Maybe crash their next twitch stream?

Yeah ... there's probably a 12 hour time difference where I'm in ... Singapore.