I know I'm not linking screenshots and I'll try to do it later today as a added post to this thread. However, since it's release I have experienced a LOT of bugs. Game is still fun but... Yeah first time I experience a non beta game with so much bugs.

Sorry if some of them have already been reported.

PC version - Windows 10-64 bits
NVidia 1080Ti with latest drivers
32Gb Ram
Playing with Xbox controller

1- Ground collapsing or melting (can still drive on it, but then your truck is kinda flying)
2- Truck not quite touching the ground when driving around (all wheels seem to be an inch above the ground kinda...)
3- Stuck in the garage, pushing "A" nothing happens. You see the A button icon lightning up in the lower portion of the screen, so the game seems to detect the button is being pushed, but nothing happens. Can't leave the Garage. Only solution is exiting to main menu
4- Drilling equipment crates multiplying. At least in multiplayer. When starting this task, instead of having 4 crates to pick up, we had like at least a dozen appearing on the map. When driving to their locations, some are visible to me, some are visible to my partners, some seem to be completely underground. It made the frame per second tank for one of us. When finally completing the task, all the crate icons are still in the map.
5- Taking off when attaching a trailer. Sometimes your truck will take off and jump 10 ft in the air when attaching a trailer.
6- Not sure this is a bug, but I was not able to restart the Local Entertainment task. I hit one set of barrels by mistake without first activating the task. I then activated the task. The barrels I had hit were still showing as being an objective. When going back to their location, there had gone through the map. I went back to where I started the task and the Restart option was greyed out. Couldn't push the left pad to restart (this was in multiplayer).
7- Serious desync issues in co-op. I'm playing coop with 2 friends in a private game and we experience regular Dsync problems. They'll see trailers at different locations than what it is, see me somewhere else than where I actually am. Etc.
8- Not able to attach or winch a trailer. Not sure what causes this, but I had issues that required me to exit to the menu and come back. I got stuck with the huge drilling trailer and as I tried with my friends to get unstuck, came a point where trying to attach the winch to the trailer or just to attach the trailer to my truck wasn't doing anything. I could select the white dots for the winch for example, but when doing my selection, the winch was actually connecting to a nearby tree instead.