Focus Home Interactive, page with Presskits don't work properly

Focus Home Interactive, Hello, I want to inform that your page with presskits ( don't work properly. When I try to download any of Presskits, page start to load for some time but nothing happen, archive don't appear to download. I want to inform your Team about this situation.

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Update: So, today I've tryed to download Presskit for SnowRunner from Official game site and from site of Focus Home Interactive Presskits.

  1. When I click "Download Presskit" for SnowRunner on Official game site - page try to download something, but then appear error "No connection to the site, The host does not respond for a long time." I can't download Presskit with this method.
  2. When I click to download Presskit for SnowRunner on Focus Home Interactive Presskits site - page load for short period of time then appear box with download capability, then I click Download, begins file download, but after abot 1-2 minutes speed lowered to 70 KBites/sec and stops. I can't download Presskit also with this method.