Mud, Snow, then Sky next!

I love MudRunner and now Snowrunner and have already spent so many, many, many hours enjoying driving around and just experiencing the open-world physics! It's just awesome!

If I could plant a seed: perhaps the next game could include some small bush planes that takeoff and land on the open terrain? I know there are flight simulators that reproduce the whole aircraft experience, but that's not what I'm asking--perhaps we could keep the Runner gameplay-style and just have the aircraft to do tasks with. Imagine low-level valley-flying below a cloud layer because you've just got to get that delivery made... or skimming tree-tops because the fog is too thick to risk losing your visual reference... and using the physics engine for taking off and landing on sand, dirt, snow, mud....

Wouldn't that be thrilling!

Stelle ich mir toll vor aber ich bin ehr ein auto fan

Hoping for SandRunner, personally. Deserts, dunes, and rockcrawling.