QuickBooks database server manager is a tool that allows you to run multiple versions of the software processes. Also, it permits you to sync the company file with other computer. Let’s follow the steps to install the QuickBooks database server manager.
Steps to Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager
Download Database Server Manager
Firstly, you need to download QuickBooks Desktop.
Install Database Server Manager
1.First, you need to close all open programs on your PC, including QuickBooks accounting software.
2.Now, you need to open the install file that you have downloaded.
3.You have to follow the instructions that is visible on your system.
4.If you are asked to choose an install type, then you need to click on the custom or network options. With this, click on Next option.
5.You need to select the best option for your network setup and then click Next.
•In case you want database server manager and QuickBooks Desktop on your system, you need to click on I'll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, and I'll be storing.
•In case you want a database server manager on your computer, you need to click on I will not be using QuickBooks Desktop.
6.Finally, you need to follow the given instructions of your system. With this, click on Install.

Hope, you have understood the steps of QuickBooks database server manager download.

If you have any query related to QuickBooks database server manager or QuickBooks server, then dial the QuickBooks Toll- Free Support Phone Number 1-888-412-7852.