I don't know about everyone else, but I use games as therapy. After a long battle with PTSD and a panic disorder. I would spend a lot of time just trying to keep myself from freaking out. At it's worst panic episodes would last hours a day. This would happen four times a week at least, and it was a nightmare. At that time I couldn't even leave the house or drive myself anywhere.

Then one day as I felt a panic episode coming on I sat down and turned on Farming Simulator 15 for the first time. Three hours later I realized that I had rode the episode out and hardly noticed it. I had found the perfect distraction. These games had a calming therapeutic effect for me. Years later I sit here playing Snow*Runner after two more farm sims MudRunner, and the Sherlock games. All counting among my all time favorite games.

Thinking about how much more than games they have been to me. I joined this forum just to thank everyone involved. I appreciate the work and quality. The atmosphere in the games also helped generate one of the friendliest online communities which is rare. These games helped pull me from a nightmare. Now I use that new appreciation to help others as an EMT. Anyone else have a similar story? Have these games helped you in some way? I think they are more important now than ever during these crazy times we are living.