Replay Downloading Feature

Something that I had in mind for replays, if possible, is the ability to download a complete replay of an entire match with a chosen player perspective. It would basically process the whole match under the perspective of chosen player (Captain Obvious over here), and you would be able to download the video at preferred visual quality settings, in which the file size of the replay varies. This would make recording footage in games much easier for a lot of players and can probably create a subculture of sending moments from an entire match all at once.

Keep up the good work, NWI. I may judge the game a lot from time to time, but at the end of the day I really enjoy it and I do believe in the potential of quality content being added, all the more reinforced by your successful game development background. Thanks, lads!

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I agree that that would be useful for recording. Since it's not real-time, the game would be able to take its time with each frame, allowing a recording at a higher frame rate than the game may normally be able to run at on your system.
If such a thing is implemented with that feature, it's possible the recording time would be longer than the duration of the match. Because of this, it would also be wise to allow specifying a range of time to record.

Examples of this for other games: