Really awesome game I loved it. Its always refreshing to play a great single player story game. The story took a bit of an unexpected turn towards the ends with the supernatural stuff but it was pretty satisfying at the end.

I just want to mention some annoying things that happened during game play

1: Most annoying thing about the game for me was pressing space too early near a ledge and having Amicia leap backwards. It happened like 20 times throughout the game. I would suggest making the ledge climbing register a little bit further away to avoid the immersion breaking backwards leap

2: Lucas often stands too far away and gets surrounded by rats and screams while Amicia is standing in a safe spot. It is even worse when he randomly screams and you are not even looking at him. One time I even restarted because I couldnt help but imagine that he probably got the bite. Id suggest not making Lucas scream unless he was actually dying and making him follow closer.

  1. Sometimes collectible items were positioned in spots where it was weird for Amicia to stop in the middle of everything else that was happening and start looting. For example after spoiler alert Rodric dies I wanted to get revenge but I noticed all the loot and I felt really weird looting instead of attacking but I was too worried about missing some leather or cloth. And speaking of them; I really tried to find as much of the loot as possible but didnt find enough leather and cloth to upgrade everything. I feel like it would be nice if there was a little bit more of those so at the end of the game you can upgrade more things.

  2. I am not sure if I missed some crucial information or if it was not explained in the game but I did not understand whether the plague was caused by the Macula in Hugos blood or if it happened normally and Hugo was just able to control it because of the Macula in his blood. Also what else does the Macula do other than control rats? Seems like a pretty unique super power? It might be a bit late for this one since all the voice acting had already been done but it would have been nice to get a little bit more explanation.

Also just a disclaimer I am just a gamer who plays a lot and not a game dev.