Awhileback a friend and I introduced to Spintires "Shubert" utility truck from mafia2 to the game, we loved it. However the prioject was near completion until the big drama happen, he dissapeared and so on. Anyway I have the truck, it's last updated was in 2018. It has a lot of broken bones, handling and suspension need to be review. But you know this truck could be awesome in MR especially on the American Wilds! Who can help me bring it over and make it work ( will involve lots of testing )

At the time we were planning to introduce some purposes to the truck but now we're back to square one. So let's start by making it all function. It's a nice truck with many advanced features, shaking components. You get both driver and passenger door to open, etc. Mafia 2 had the most awesome old style American trucks so we had to try bring at least one in this mud craziness

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